12 suspects, 64 new cases - NABU results as of April 2020

12.05.2020 00:00

The NABU Detectives have started pre-trial investigations as of 64 cases in April 2020. 12 persons were given notices of suspicion of committing corruption crimes. The indictments as of 4 persons were sent to court. These are the results of NABU activities as of April 2020.

In particular, in April notices of suspicion were given to:

  • Head of tender committee of the “Myrnohradvugillya” SE, the tenth suspect, who probably involved in the scheme of causing UAH 51.17 million damages to three coal mining State Enterprises (Part 4 Article 28, Part 5 Article 191, Part 1 Article 255 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine);
  • General Director of the SE, who is suspected of giving an improper advantage to the Acting Head of the State Agency of Ukraine for Exclusion Zone Management (Part 4 Article 369 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine);
  • Odesa City Mayor, suspected of submitting false data to e-declaration of 2017 (Article 366-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine);
  • Head of the Investigation Department of Financial Investigation Tax Police of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine of one of Regions and his intermediary, suspected of demanding and receiving of improper advantage from the founder of a private company for decision-making in a criminal proceeding (Part 4 Article 368 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine);
  • former Director of the “Ukrainian State Research and Design Institute of Nitrogen Industry and Organic Synthesis Products” SE, suspected of embezzlement of UAH 67.3 million (Part 5 Article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

In addition, the NABU Detectives completed investigations as of number of criminal proceedings. Among them there are following:

On April 16, 2020, the Court of Appeal of High Anti-Corruption Court made the decision on recovering half of the bail in the amount of UAH 35 million to the State from the suspect involved in a corruption scheme at customs.

After the NABU Detectives started their investigation, over UAH 1.65 million of the compensation received unreasonably for rental housing or hotel rooms in Kyiv was returned by the Members of Parliament (MP) of the VIII convocation.

In addition, in April, the former MP was found guilty of illegally receiving compensation for the house rent. The High Anti-Corruption Court imposed imprisonment to three years with a probationary period of three years, the deprivation of the right to hold public office for one year, UAH 17 thousand fine and reimbursement of more than UAH 12 thousands for the costs of the examinations carried out during the investigation. The ex-MP has already refunded illegally received UAH 582 thousands.

In total, as of early May, the NABU Detectives investigate corruption crimes within 900 criminal proceedings.