156.6 million UAH agreement between Zaporizhyaoblenergo and Energomerezha Holding Company was invalidated after the NABU filed a suit

25.04.2016 15:57
On Thursday, 21 April 2016, the Kyiv Commercial Court sustained the last two claims filed by the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine and invalidated Claim Assignment Agreements between Zaporizhyaoblenergo OJSC and Energomerezha Holding Company amounting to more than 156.6 million UAH.
The court invalidated two agreements (for 42.3 million UAH and 114.3 million UAH) according to which Zaporizhyaoblenergo OJSC transferred debt claims on the Zaporizhya Titanium-Magnesium Plant debt to the Energomerezha Holding Company.
Thereby the court sustained all five claims filed by the NABU as a part of the criminal proceeding concerning invalidating agreements between Zaporizhyaoblenergo OJSC (60% of shares of which belong to the state) and Energomerezha Holding Company concerning debts of major industrial enterprises in the Zaporizhya region amounting to more than 346.2 million UAH.
Legal consequences of invalid transaction are defined by article 216 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.
Photo credit: z-city.com.ua