49 new cases, five indictments sent to court - NABU and SAPO results in June 2021

13.07.2021 00:00

In June 2021, the NABU Detectives launched probes within 49 criminal cases, served six notices of suspicion, and filed five indictments against six people. One conviction in respect of three persons came into force.

Last month the Detectives exposed:

During the last month, the NABU Detectives completed probes into:

The following persons were put on trial:

In June, the court upheld the decision, in which Natskinemateka assets (14 buildings and facilities with total area of over 5 thousand sq.m. located across 8 hectares on the outskirts of Kyiv are to be returned to the State) returned under State ownership after NABU’s probe.

In addition, last month NABU stepped up cooperation with the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development, and State Service for Urban Planning. The respective heads signed a memorandum providing for the key cooperation spheres and responsibilities of the parties.

On June 4, a new composition of the seventh convocation of the Civil Oversight Council at the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine was elected. The members of the Council began their work and held the first meeting, where they elected a chairman and delegated representatives to NABU’s selection and disciplinary boards.