Assessing the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies in Ukraine requires a new approach, — Oleksandr Abakumov

17.12.2021 00:00

It is impossible to measure the effectiveness of a law enforcement agency solely by statistics. Only an expert external audit could help assess the work of law enforcement agencies. Oleksandr Abakumov, deputy head of NABU’s detective unit, believes.

Speaking at JustConf 2021, he dwelled on the effectiveness criteria for law enforcement agencies and the experience of the National Bureau.

"In our work, we focus on tangible results of what we do. For example, one of our investigations helped return the State Architectural and Construction Inspection register to the state. In another one, the detectives revealed a place where money received from crime trickled. These funds were confiscated and then about USD 5 mln was seized by court," Oleksandr Abakumov stressed.

He added that one of NABU’s key achievements is that the detectives have proved there are no untouchables and no one can bribe NABU.

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JustConf 2021 is a conference on ideas that change criminal justice in Ukraine and on people who add sense, drive, and progress to the criminal justice system. The conference is organized by the International Renaissance Foundation and is being held for the second time. Last year NABU representatives talked about the use of procedural interview methods, professional development of the team, and innovations in pre-trial investigation.