Business entities from 23 countries are involved in Ukrainian corruption

21.08.2018 02:30

About 30 persons, as the Detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) established, involved in the organization of corruption schemes, are currently hiding abroad. Almost 50% of them, according to the investigation, are hiding at the territory of the Russian Federation. This data was published at the Report on the NABU results during the first half of 2018.As of 30.08.2018, 21 persons were put on international wanted list according to the NABU requests. The requests have been sent to other states in relation to 16 persons in view of their detention or establishment of their place of residence. In particular, this spring the National Bureau sent a request to Germany for the issuance of the President of the management board of PJSC HC “Energomerezha”, who was detained in the country last April. According to the investigation, the indicated person is the organizer of the corruption scheme which caused damages to the state in the amount of more than 346 million UAH.

The international direction in the work of the National Bureau is one of the key in the investigations. Most corruption schemes involve business entities registered under the foreign jurisdictions. Currently the geography of these business entities currently covers at least 23 countries on three continents in the world. According to the NABU Detectives, Ukrainian corrupt officials select the "residence" of illegally obtained funds in states with simplified registration system, complicated procedures for disclosure of information and a high degree of confidentiality. The amount of losses caused to the state by offences with the participation of foreign counterparties exceeds 1.84 billion UAH, 22.07 million USD, and 12.03 million EUR.

The NABU directs requests for international legal assistance to the competent authorities of other states for information on the final beneficiaries of such structures and on the movement of funds withdrawn from Ukraine. From the beginning of the investigations, the NABU sent 371 requests to the competent authorities of 61 states. 182 requests have already been satisfied.