Corruption in Ukraine stops progress – Ambassador of the United Kingdom

18.12.2015 20:36
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland supports the efforts of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine in combating corruption and will continue to support them in the future – said the Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Ukraine Judith Gough. 
“We provided expert advise, necessary equipment and training programmes for the Bureau's detectives and analysts involving leading British experts of the National Crime Agency (NCA). We will not stop there but will continue to support the NABU in the future,” - said the Ambassador at the briefing with the Bureau's director Artem Sytnyk. 
The Ambassador thanked Artem Sytnyk for the progress the NABU had achieved so far. 
“When I first visited the Bureau there was only the idea, nothing else. And now I see people who are determined to do their job properly. I had the chance of meeting with the NABU detectives and analysts who had completed their training. It is clear that they are very active and have a goal which is to work for the benefit of their country,” - pointed out Judith Gough. 
The Ambassador wished the National Bureau luck in combating corruption.
“Every country in the world has corruption problems, and Great Britain is no exception. For Ukraine corruption has become international label – the way it is seen internationally. It does not have to be this way. It stops the progress that could have been made by the country. I hope that with the start of the NABU's work this situation will change,” - emphasized Ms Judith Gough.