The court seized the Energomerezha Holding Company assets amounting to more than 116 million UAH at the initiative of the NABU

10.03.2016 16:37
The Solomyansky District Court of Kiev authorised seizing of assets in the Energomerezha Holding Company bank accounts in the amount of more than 116 million UAH. The motion filed by the NABU detectives in agreement with the Specialised Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's office was examined and granted on 4 March 2016. 
The assets were seized as a part of investigation of the criminal proceeding for embezzlement of the Zaporizhyaoblenergo OJSC property by its officials. Also at the end of January/beginning of February the NABU detectives filed 5 suits in Kyiv Commercial Court asking to invalidate Claim Assignment Agreements signed with the private firm Energomerezha Holding Company concerning debts of major electricity consumers amounting to more than 346 million UAH, given that 60% of the Zaporizhyaoblenergo OJSC shares belong to the state. 
On 9 March 2016 the court sustained the first claim and invalidated agreement according to which Zaporizhyaoblenergo OJSC transferred the debt claim on the Zaporizhya Titanium-Magnesium Plant debt amounting to more than 39,3 million UAH to the Energomerezha Holding Company. Judicial proceedings for the other four suits is in progress. 
“In our investigations we use all the means available to neutralise and eradicate corruption schemes. Investigation of the proceeding concerning activities of the Zaporizhyaoblenergo officials is a good example of combining instruments of criminal and commercial litigation. The latest court rulings give legal excuse to seize and return to the state the assets transferred to accounts of private firms through signing of illegal agreements,” - said Gizo Uglava, the First Deputy Director of the NABU. 
It should be reminded that according to the Law “On the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine” crimes with the damage 500 or more times larger than the minimum wage as established by the law at time of the crime fall under jurisdiction of the National Bureau (for crimes committed by government, law-enforcement, military or local official or economic entity with the share of communal or government ownership more than 50%). Procedural aspects in all the NABU investigations are guided by prosecutors of the Specialised Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office.