During a month spent in Great Britain the NABU analysts have studied the best of British anti-corruption experience

18.12.2015 20:54
The analysts of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, through the support of the United Kingdom, had the opportunity to learn from top experts in financial intelligence, anti-corruption and money laundering. This was reported by the Bureau's Director Artem Sytnyk at the briefing.
"Ukrainian law enforcement does not have any structural subdivision that could compare to the analysts department formed at the NABU. We have studied the work of similar departments in the British law enforcement and, with the support of British experts, managed to create an analytical department that would use newest investigation and analysis methods,” - said Mr Sytnyk. 
He added that the team of analysts has completed training and started working with open and closed databases.
"They are developing analytical materials on criminal proceedings being conducted by the Bureau's detectives, and are also collecting information that may be useful for new investigations" - specified Artem Sytnyk.
He noted that the training program was developed by experts of AML Consulting company specialising in training of government specialists around the world in the fields of corruption combating, financial intelligence, fighting money laundering and returning criminally-obtained funds.
“The training was conducted in English without translation, which proves the high professional level of the Bureau's employees," - added A. Sytnyk.
The NABU Director thanked the British partners and the Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Ukraine Judith Gough for supporting the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.
"Our British colleagues proved to be our reliable partners in the course of the Bureau's development. They were with us and supported us from the start ", - said A. Sytnyk.
According to him, the British partners helped design the Bureau's establishment roadmap, communication strategy, corporate identity, brandbook and website.
"British experts also helped us develop training courses for the NABU detectives and analysts. Given the fact that we are currently recruiting new detectives, I hope this cooperation continues next year ", - said A. Sytnyk, adding that the joint British-Ukrainian project of the Bureau's IT-Architecture was at the moment in the process of implementation.
"This support is a clear sign of the certain advance trust for us. I promise that our work will justify it", - stressed the Bureau's Director.