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09.02.2016 11:46

FBI representative will work together with the NABU detectives

Starting February, an FBI representative will be present at the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine. He will work together with the Bureau's detectives on international assignments and control how they are dealt with by the competent US authorities. Artem Sytnyk reported this during the Hromadske Radio broadcast.
According to him, this month the FBI representatives would visit the National Bureau in order to assist the detectives in tracing monetary flows. 
03.02.2016 17:11

The NABU initiated a criminal proceeding basing on Aivaras Abromavicius' public statement

On 3 February the NABU detectives began investigating the facts concerning alleged interference of the BPP first deputy faction leader I. Kononenko and several other parliament members with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade work given by Aivaras Abromavičius, the Minister of Economy and Trade. The information was entered into the Unified register of pre-trial investigations under the Criminal Code article 364, part 2 (misuse of powers and responsibilities).
02.02.2016 17:13

Ukraine’s challenge for 2016 is corruption, not conflict

The parliament has adopted a new legal tool in order to stop corruption among civil servants and politicians. The new law establishes the transparency of bank account of public officials. In order to get this law approved the EU offered Ukraine the carrot of a free visa regime as an incentive. Up to one million people could be required to use the new form to declare their income statements.

01.02.2016 20:38

The NABU will receive special equipment from British and American governments

According to agreements on international technical support, the British government is going to provide the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine with equipment for its forensic lab. The US Federal government for its part is going to hand over equipment for converting case materials to electronic format, as reported by Artem Sytnyk in his interview for the Channel 112. 
The Director reminded that the Memorandum of cooperation in joint investigations would soon be signed between the NABU and the FBI. 
01.02.2016 13:58

The NABU launched a free hotline for citizens

On 1 February a free NABU phone hotline for citizens (0-800-503-200) was launched in test mode with a view to ensuring closer collaboration with public. 
People can call this number and leave information (proposals, commentaries, allegations, complaints), file requests to access public information, receive information on the NABU activities, ask for the public office working hours and report corruption-related offences.
29.01.2016 19:56

The NABU submitted statement claims at an amount estimated over 346 million UAH on the investigation of embezzlement of the Zaporizhyaoblenergo OJSC property

On 29 January 2016 the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine filed 4 suits asking to invalidate Claim Assignment Agreements signed between Zaporizhyaoblenergo OJSC, a company with 60% of the shares belonging to the state, and the private firm Energomerezha Holding Company. According to these agreements, the creditor was replaced for debts of major electricity consumers amounting to more than 346,2 million UAH.
25.01.2016 19:11

EU contributes to the establishment of the analytical unit within NABU

The establishment phase of NABU is a key step in fighting corruption and in overall Ukrainian reform process. One of the means through which the EU funded project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” has contributed to the establishment of the Analytical Unit within NABU is provision of international expertise on intelligence analysis with the purpose of supporting the operationalization of the Unit, as essential instrument in corruption investigations and decision making process.

22.01.2016 14:33

NABU and FBI will sign Memorandum of cooperation – Artem Sytnyk

The National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine will soon sign Memorandum of cooperation with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation in joint investigations, as reported by Artem Sytnyk in his interview for the Voice of America. 
He is certain that this Memorandum will be very helpful for the NABU's future considering the fact that FBI has the ability to trace dollar flows. 
16.01.2016 14:29

The NABU will use Finland's experience in their own investigations

The National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine will put into action Finland's experience in intelligence information collection, tracing proceeds of corruption, seizing and confiscating illicit proceeds etc. The Bureau's detectives and analysts studied this experience during their study visit to Finland in December 2015. 
15.01.2016 16:38

During a month spent in the Great Britain NABU analysts have studied the best British anti-corruption experience

Due to the support of the United Kingdom, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine analysts had the opportunity to gain experience from top experts in financial intelligence, anti-corruption and money laundering, Director of the Bureau Artem Sytnyk said.

14.01.2016 16:00

NABU specialists have put in practice some knowledge gained during study visit to Finland

13 of January feedback discussion between Artem Sytnyk, head of NABU and participants of the study visit together with representatives of Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine, Mika Aalto, in charge of anti-corruption component and Petro Pavlychenko, national anti-corruption expert.