EU contributes to the establishment of the analytical unit within NABU

25.01.2016 19:11

The establishment phase of NABU is a key step in fighting corruption and in overall Ukrainian reform process. One of the means through which the EU funded project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” has contributed to the establishment of the Analytical Unit within NABU is provision of international expertise on intelligence analysis with the purpose of supporting the operationalization of the Unit, as essential instrument in corruption investigations and decision making process.

By means of permanent dialogue sustained throughout an extended mission, the Romanian police officer and analyst Alina Arucsandei, has based her advice for designing efficient internal operating procedures, professional development priorities and for identifying potential instruments to be used in NABU analysts’ activity, on EU best practice and personal experience in law enforcement intelligence analysis.

“As a newly created agency the NABU faces with a numerous challenges and barriers on the way to fulfilling its mission. New approaches, standards and technologies already used by leading European law enforcement institutions can make the work of NABU more effective”. – Radzhami Zhan, Head of Analytical Department.

“We appreciate constant and timely support that EU is providing through Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine. This is true partnership and most useful for us”.  – Gizo Uglava, First Deputy Head of NABU.

“The highly skilled and motivated professionals selected for the Unit are in the process of implementing a proactive approach to the analytical activity and I have focused my efforts on delivering advice to my interlocutors for development of efficient internal work processes that will enact and enforce the institutional mandate, ensure functionality of the Unit and coordination with operational staff and management”. – Alina Arucsandei, Operational Analysis International Expert on behalf of the EU funded project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine”.

Building up a solid and functioning system for a investigative body such as NABU requires high level expertise, knowledge, experience and efficient models. It is for these reasons that we, as part of our overall support to NABU, hired Alina to advise and assist in that process.” Mika Aalto, in charge of anti-corruption component within EU funded project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine”.