Ex-Head of the "Centrgas" was given a notice of suspicion of 8.6 million UAH public funds embezzlement

25.06.2019 00:00

On June 24, 2019, an Ex-Head of the subsidiary company "Centrgas" (falls within the scope of management of the Open Joint-Stock Company "Kirovohradgas") was given a notice of suspicion of 8.6 million UAH public funds embezzlement.

Ex-official is suspected of committing a crime under Part 5 Article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The investigation revealed that in summer 2017, on the eve of his dismissal Ex-Head of the "Centrgas" signed an agreement for the purchase of 1.3 million cubic meters of gas for the price of 9,035,000 UAH from a commercial company. Purchasing terms were burdensome for the SE "Centrgas".

Under this agreement, "Centrgas" had to make a full prepayment for gas. In case of failure to make a full prepayment, the seller was exempted from the delivery, and the “Centrgas” was obliged to pay a fine in the amount of 100% of the cost of gas, that have been supplied.

Being aware of these conditions, Ex-Head of "Centrgas" ordered to transfer to the gas supplier only 8,600,000 UAH - a part of the sum. As a result, he committed an embezzlement of funds of the enterprise, because in such terms “Centrgas” did not receive gas.

The investigation found that the suspect acted consciously, allegedly in a conspiracy with other persons. Other persons involved in the crime are being established.

The pre-trial investigation as of the abovementioned facts is carried out from April 2019 by the NABU Detectives jointly with investigators of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine and prosecutors of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office.

According to Article 62 of the Constitution of Ukraine a person is considered not-guilty in commission of crime and cannot be a subject to criminal punishment, until he or she is found guilty by the court.

“Centrgas” is a subsidiary company of the Open Joint-Stock Company "Kirovohradgas" (51% of the shares belong to Naftogaz of Ukraine, owned by the state).