The first 70 of the NABU detectives were selected

25.08.2015 02:00

The first 70 of the NABU detectives were selected by the competition committee according to the open competition results. This information was presented by the Bureau's Director Artem Sytnyk.

“In October these candidates will start their first investigations,” - said A. Sytnyk.

He told the press that total number of applications received for detective position was more than 2700; 2502 of the applicants were admitted to participation in competition based on qualification requirements. The selection process was divided into four stages: legislation knowledge testing, General Skills testing, psychological testing (MMPI); interview with the competition committee. 222 candidates successfully completed first three stages. “The testing process was organised with the help of our international partners, and the testing itself complied with highest requirements and was fully transparent,” - added the Director.

Sytnyk said that the competition was open for 100 positions, but the competition committee considered only 70 candidates suitable. “The winners will pass special inspections and start their training in September, as the detective position is new for Ukrainian law enforcement and therefore requires special preparation,” - pointed out the NABU Director.

He also addressed the necessity of the Verkhovna Rada forming a committee for selecting the Anti-corruption Prosecutor as quickly as possible. “The Anti-corruption Prosecutor is essential to the detectives starting their investigations. Also, forming the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office is one of the requirements of our foreign partners,” - added Sytnyk.

It should be recalled that the competition for the positions of first 100 NABU detectives was announced by the Bureau's Director on 5 May 2015; the Civil Oversight Council was formed on 8 June 2015; the competition committee was formed on 9 June 2015, and so the competitive selection became possible. The competition itself started on 8 July and ended on 25 August with the competition committee voting for winners.