Gizo Uglava: Power to arrest the accused will allow the NABU to fight corruption more effectively

22.03.2016 11:25
Imperfection of Ukraine's legislation  prohibits to impose mandatory detention as pre-trial restriction for those accused of corruption. Therefore there is a risk that the accused will attempt to leave the country after the bail is posted. This was announced by Gizo Uglava, First Deputy Director of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine.
According to him, when it comes to investigating corruption-related crimes, bail is not always sufficient as a pre-trial restriction.
“Today the court determines the amount of bail to be posted by the suspect, and the person accused is released. Even if law enforcement officers know the suspect is going to leave the country, they do not usually have power to detain him, especially in cases concerning “not serious crimes”, - he added. 
Mr. Uglava is convinced that the system should be reformed and the changes to the Code of Criminal Procedure should be made. 
“We have to provide investigators from law enforcement agencies with all the effective resources and mechanisms for investigations. Power to arrest corrupt officials and effective mechanisms of encouraging cooperation with investigation are two main problems. Once we solve these problems, it will give us a chance to fight corruption effectively. Because the goal of the NABU is to eliminate systemic corruption,” - emphasized the First Deputy Director of the NABU.