International community supports NABU

16.04.2022 16:44

From the first day of its establishment, NABU has felt the support of the democratic world. But the help of foreign colleagues is especially important at a time when Ukraine is defending its independence in the war against russia.

In 7 years, under the leadership of Artem Sytnyk, the Bureau has proved to Ukrainians and the world that corruption can be defeated in our country, high-ranking officials can be persecuted, and the rule of law can be upheld, and young people intolerant of corruption can be educated.

With each achievement of NABU, the resistance of oligarchs and corrupt officials grew. But at the same time, the support for our activities from foreign partners increased. We are truly grateful for defending the NABU's independence, fruitful cooperation, successful special operations, exceptional training, unique equipment, and successful joint projects.

After winning the war, the fight against corruption will become even more urgent.

We are ready to fight on together! Your support is invaluable.

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