International experts: the People of Ukraine and western partners are on the NABU's side

07.09.2015 17:12
“Powerful officials may impede the Bureau's work, but you have to remember that the people of Ukraine as well as your western partners are on your side. The USA will do its utmost to support Ukraine in the fight against corruption,” - said Jeff Cole, representative of the US Embassy and one of the detective training programme participants at the briefing on the start of training for the NABU detectives. 
He also pointed out the necessity of forming the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office as soon as possible. 
The NABU employees have a chance to alter the course of history, turn Ukraine from a country where corruption prevails into a country with the supremacy of law, where corruption is not just discouraged but punished. This may be the last chance for Ukraine to overcome the corruption problem. That's why the NABU bears a great responsibility,” - emphasised Jeff Cole.
Training for the first NABU detectives will be conducted by the best international experts.
“Five weeks of discussions and case studies will provide the Bureau's detectives with practical skills and knowledge necessary for investigating corruption-related and financial crimes,” - said Oksana Nesterenko, representative of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy’s Anti-Corruption Educational-Research Center. 
One of the lecturers, Donald Bowser, emphasised that experts from Georgia, Finland and USA have been working on the detectives training programme since December. 
“Many people wonder whether it is possible to prepare detectives in just five weeks of trainings. However this is a basic training that will enable them to start their work. We will continue training process the next year. But we are sure that we'll see the first successful investigations very soon,” - said D. Bowser. 
According to Mika Aalto, a lecturer from Finland and an expert of the “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” programme, detectives will learn to cooperate with other organisations that could help during investigations of corruption-related crimes; learn how to make a case ready for trial and how to know whether the evidence of criminal offence is sufficient for conviction.