Judge from Odesa was arrested

01.04.2016 21:37
On Friday, April, 1 Solomyansky district court in Kyiv granted the application by the NABU detectives in agreement with the Specialized Anti-corruption Prosecutor's office and selected holding in custody without bail as preventive measure for the judge O.Buran. 
The court considered the materials presented by the NABU and the judge's past behaviour and decided to authorize the judge's arrest in order to prevent him from escaping or trying to impede investigation in any way.
“To those who are looking forward to NABU failing I want to say that the Solomyansky district court has not found any procedural irregularities in the process of the pre-trial investigation of the O. Buran's case. Even though the Bureau's employees had a chance to use force and coercion, they still acted strictly within the law,” - pointed out the Bureau's Director Artem Sytnyk.
It should be reminded that O. Buran, the judge of the Malynovsky district court in Odesa, was caught receiving improper advantage (bribe) in the amount of 500 thousand UAH. On 29 March during the search in his house the judge resisted the NABU and National Police officers and opened fire. Considering his immunity, the detectives did not have the power to take the suspect into custody before the Verkhovna Rada decision. Yesterday the judge was taken into custody by the NABU officers in the parliament building. 
Photo credit: pik.cn.ua