Kyiv State Tax Inspectorate case was sent to court

10.05.2017 00:00

The Detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) under the procedural guidance of the anti-corruption prosecutors finished the pre-trial investigation of the criminal proceeding as of the facts of receiving improper advantage in the amount of 36 000 USD by 2 officials of the State Tax Inspectorate in Kyiv and by an intermediary-lawyer

The indictment was sent to court. The abovementioned persons are suspected of committing crimes under Part 4 Article 368 (Accepting an offer, promise or receiving an improper advantage by an official) and Part 2 Article 369-2 (Trading in influence) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The investigation revealed that the Head of the Financial Investigations Division and the senior investigator of the same Division of the State Tax Inspectorate Directorate of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine in one of the Kyiv`s districts jointly with a lawyer demanded improper advantage in especially large amount  (36 000 USD). The abovementioned persons received a part of it (10 000 USD) for assisting  in seized property return (by determining the legal qualification of his actions in criminal proceeding under Article that does not include any recovery to State).

If found guilty, the suspects may face imprisonment from 8 to 12 years with forfeiture of property and disqualification to hold certain positions or to be engaged in certain activities for up to three years.

It should be reminded that on March 2, 2017, the NABU Detectives entered the abovementioned criminal proceeding into the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations.

The officials of the State Tax Inspectorate in Kyiv and an intermediary-lawyer were detained on July 27, 2016. They were detained on the basis of  results of number of searches conducted by the NABU Detectives jointly with the officers of the National Police Economic Defense Department under the procedural guidance of the anti-corruption prosecutors.