International cooperation


International cooperation is extremely important in fighting corruption - Oleksandr Skomarov

Corruption is not limited to the borders of Ukraine: criminals are increasingly using foreign companies to launder embezzled funds. Thanks to international cooperation, NABU and SAPO investigate these facts and bring culprits to justice. This was stated by the Deputy Head of the Main Detective Department, Oleksandr Skomarov, during the conference "Cooperation with the OECD and new horizons for the Ukrainian anti-corruption agenda."


NABU meets colleagues from Armenia, shares experience of launching anti-corruption agency

Effective functional allocation and operational independence of structural units is the key to setting up an effective anti-corruption agency - said NABU Director Artem Sytnyk during a meeting with representatives of the Anti-Corruption Committee of Armenia and the Embassy of Armenia in Ukraine on Nov. 9, 2021.


NABU and Inspectorate General of Security Forces of Czech Republic join forces against corruption

The National Bureau and the Inspectorate General of the Security Forces of the Czech Republic have agreed on cooperation and exchange of information in the field of prevention, detection and investigation of criminal corruption offenses. On October 20, 2021, Director of the National Bureau Artem Sytnyk and Director of the Inspectorate General Radim Dragun signed the Memorandum of Understanding.


NABU, SAPO investigations provoke strong resistance from the system, - Artem Sytnyk

The results of high-level corruption probes, as well as the prosecution of those previously considered "untouchable" in Ukraine, have provoked strong resistance from the system and an attack on the independence of anti-corruption agencies. This was emphasized by the NABU Director Artem Sytnyk at the meeting with representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on July 7, 2021.


Support of international partners and society is crucial in our fight against corruption - Artem Sytnyk

"The anti-corruption infrastructure - NABU, SAPO, HACC, NACP - has been set up in Ukraine and is successfully operating. Nonetheless, we constantly feel pressure; there are permanent attempts to destroy the independence of anti-corruption bodies. Due to the support of international partners and civil society, we remain independent in our investigations and keep exposing top-level corruption. People have finally seen the long-awaited sentences," Artem Sytnyk said at a panel discussion “Eastern Partnership: Crisis and Opportunities”, May 20, 2021.

Poland's CBA helps NABU investigate corruption

The Central Anti-Сorruption Bureau of the Republic of Poland (CBA) became the first law enforcement agency outside Ukraine to establish cooperation with NABU. Since 2016, NABU and CBA Detectives have conducted a number of anti-corruption probes, including the one into receiving an improper advantage by the former acting Head of the State Agency of Automobile Roads of Ukraine (Ukravtodor). This was stated by NABU Director Artem Sytnyk on April 23, 2021, during an international anti-corruption seminar dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the CBA.