NABU and FBI will sign Memorandum of cooperation – Artem Sytnyk

22.01.2016 14:33
The National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine will soon sign Memorandum of cooperation with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation in joint investigations, as reported by Artem Sytnyk in his interview for the Voice of America. 
He is certain that this Memorandum will be very helpful for the NABU's future considering the fact that FBI has the ability to trace dollar flows. 
“Grand corrupt practices often extend beyond state boarders. Without the FBI assistance we will hardly be able to trace and recover the extracted assets,” - said Mr Sytnyk. 
The Bureau's Director added that the algorithm for tracing and recovering these assets had already been designed. 
He also said the FBI was planning to pass on to the NABU equipment that would enable the Bureau to launch electronic document flow system for criminal proceedings. “This will optimize the investigation process,” - said the Director. 
It should be reminded that on 19-21 January the NABU Director Artem Sytnyk took a working visit to Washington D.C.