NABU and SAPO prevented causing UAH 52 million losses to the United Mining and Chemical Company

27.07.2020 00:00

1845 tons of rutile concentrate of the Public Joint-Stock Company United Mining and Chemical Company (PJSC UMCC) were seized at the initiative of NABU, SAPO and the executives of the UMCC (100% state-owned). Thus, they prevented the export of products without payment by a foreign intermediary-company.

The previous executives of the PJSC UMCC decided to transfer raw materials to the foreign intermediary-company (from Austria) free of charge. NABU informed the new executives of the PJSC UMCC about the intention of the foreign intermediary-company to export raw materials from the Odesa Commercial Seaport. The company's outstanding to the UMCC amounted to UAH 400 million. 

Therefore, in the framework of the pre-trial investigation of the facts of abuse of authority by the officials, NABU and SAPO seized the raw materials. On July 15, 2020, the High Anti-Corruption Court granted such lawsuit. Thus, NABU and SAPO prevented the sale of 1845 tons of rutile illegally transferred to a foreign company. As a result causing UAH 52 million losses to the PJSC UMCC was prevented.

This is the second successful example of cooperation between law enforcement agencies and PJSC UMCC’s executives. In May, the export of ilmenite concentrate for UAH 80 million was prevented due to the cooperation.

For reference: the NABU Detectives under the procedural guidance of the SAPO Prosecutors started a pre-trial investigation of the criminal proceeding as of the facts of abuse of authority by the officials of the PJSC UMCC. According to the corrupt scheme, the export of titanium raw materials was produced by related foreign intermediary companies.

In 2018, the indictment as of the officials of the UMCC was sent to court. However, the schemes of selling titanium raw materials at low prices through intermediary companies controlled by the former executive still operate.