The NABU detectives are conducting an operation in Ternopil region

25.02.2016 16:42

Detectives of The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine are conducting an operation in Ternopil region. More than 40 searches have been already conducted.

Legal proceedings are conducted as a part of an investigation of the statement from a local resident claiming she was demanded an extorting improper advantage (bribe) for dismissing a criminal proceeding against her. More than 10 individuals alleged are being checked, including employees of the Ternopil region Police Department, the Ternopil region prosecutor's office and the Ternopil city prosecutor's office.

This operation is supported by the forces of the Ukrainian National Police and the National Security Service of Ukraine. Over 100 employees from the law enforcement agencies are involved in the operation.

The operation is conducted under the supervision of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office.