The NABU detectives completed training in Budapest and Prague

13.11.2015 13:30
Two groups of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine detectives with support from the INL completed training programme in the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA, Budapest) and the Central and Eastern European Law Initiative Institute (CEELI, Prague).
In Prague detectives studied methods of big data analysis and procedure of using electronic records as evidence in criminal proceedings. They also studied practices of informal communication between law enforcement agencies of different countries. The NABU detectives trained together with their colleagues from USA, Singapore, Czech republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Armenia.
In Budapest the detectives completed the course “Public corruption” on preventing, exposing and solving corruption-related crimes among high officials and public figures. Their main goal was to study corruption fighting experience of law enforcement agencies in USA, Hungary and Serbia.  
“During the training sessions we looked at cases and experts gave their comments. This allowed us to see similarities and differences in approaches the law enforcement agencies of USA, Serbia, Hungary and Ukraine use in solving corruption-related crimes,” - said Oleksandr, one of the participants.
At the same time he pointed out that foreign colleagues expressed interest in both the NABU forming process and the reforms in other law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. “They acknowledged the complicated and transparent process of the open competition and considered a possibility of implementing certain stages in their countries,” - he added.