The NABU detectives participated in the 6th International anti-corruption conference

14.12.2015 18:31
The NABU detectives participated in the 6th International anti-corruption conference that took place in Poland last week. The main goal of the conference was collective discussion on integrating anti-corruption actions by different bodies and agencies for the sake of strengthening international cooperation in the sphere of preventing and combating corruption. 
According to the NABU representatives, the presentation they found deserving maximum attention was that of the e-learning platform implemented by the Central Anti-corruption Bureau of Poland. This platform makes it possible for anyone to undergo training in exposing and preventing corruption.
“Since the establishment of the platform about 35 thousand people have completed the training, and most of them later became active participants of exposing the episodes of corruption,” - said the detectives.
The conference participants included the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania, the National Anti-corruption Centre of Republic of Moldova, the Regional anti-corruption initiative, the European Anti-fraud Office, the Transparency international, the National Anti-corruption Directorate of Romania, the Federal Bureau of Anti-corruption of Austria. 
During the conference the Bureau's detectives had a chance to learn about the experience of international cooperation in fighting corruption from the Poland National Police, Central Anti-corruption Bureau of Poland, United Kingdom's National Crime Agency, OSCE and the Prosecutor general's office of Poland. The NABU representatives also discussed the international experience in combating corruption with the Bulgarian Centre for Prevention and Countering Corruption and Organized Crime, the Ministry of Justice of Poland, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime etc.