NABU employees awarded honors after military operation in Ukraine's south

20.10.2022 00:00

The President of Ukraine has awarded Orders of Courage of the Third Degree to five employees of the National Bureau, who took part in counter-subversive activities in the Mykolaiv region.

The awards were presented by the acting Director of the National Bureau, Gizo Uglava. He thanked the defenders for their loyalty to the state and courage on the battlefield.

NABU joined the fight against the occupier from the very first day of russia's full-scale invasion. Bureau employees took efforts to help the Armed Forces, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, the Security Service, and the Prosecutor General's Office. In particular, they recorded war crimes, searched for the occupiers' property abroad, demined territories, and took part in intelligence and counter-subversive activities. This work continues, as well as successful special operations aimed at destroying the enemy.

One such operation in the south of Ukraine was led by the head of NABU's Special Operations Department, Vitalii Ivchenko. He and his subordinates took part in a raid on the building captured by russian occupiers. The goal of the operation was achieved, but one of the fighters, Ivan Hvozdev, was mortally wounded. He was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine and the Order of the Gold Star.

A total of 13 National Bureau employees have been honored with state awards since the all-out war broke out. For their contribution to countering russia's aggression, various NABU employees have also been awarded departmental awards.

We are proud of the heroism and courage of our colleagues and thank them for serving the Ukrainian people. We keep the memory of those who gave their lives for the sake of peace in Ukraine.