The NABU is gathering profiles for 1500 judges

11.02.2016 15:12
The National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine detectives are investigating 13 criminal proceedings concerning Ukrainian judges, as reported by Artem Sytnyk, the Bureau's director. 
“Combating corruption in the judicial branch of power is one of our priorities. Over the last two months we have exposed four judges of receiving improper advantage. The information concerning property and foreign trips of certain judges uncovered during the investigations is shocking,” - said Mr Sytnyk.
He added that the NABU analysts were working on putting together profiles for 1500 judges.
“We are going to initiate criminal proceedings basing on this information should it bear attributes of an offence, and we will also hand the information over to competent authorities working on the judicial reform – the High Qualification Commission of Judges and the High Council of Justice,” - pointed out the Director. 
“The judicial reform is currently in preparation. Without it, without honest courts, all our efforts are doomed to failure,” - he added.