NABU helps document human rights violations during wartime

11.08.2022 00:00

The National Bureau and the state-owned Ukrainian National Center for Peacebuilding, acting as the National Information Bureau (NIB), have joined efforts to promptly respond to the facts of human rights violations brought by the armed aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine.

At the initiative of NABU’s Public Appeals Department (PAD), the agencies signed a memorandum on June 27, 2022. Using Bureau’s technical capabilities, PAD staff began to receive calls on NIB’s hotline 16-48. During the first month of such cooperation, 4,391 reports were processed.

"Such calls are processed daily by four PAD operators, who work in shifts. Their task is to collect information about Ukrainian prisoners of war, dead and missing persons, those illegally detained by the occupiers, including civilians, about deportation, forced mobilization, etc. People can also submit a request for humanitarian aid, in particular medicine and food, or ask for the up-to-date information about volunteer organizations, humanitarian headquarters and charitable funds," says the Head of NABU's Public Appeals Department Yaroslava Kravchenko.

Citizens can contact the National Information Bureau by calling 16-48 (+38-044-287-81-65 for international calls) or by filling out the form on the website

Notably, the special telephone line of the National Bureau operates as usual, and you can report corruption by calling 0-800-213-200. For the same purpose, citizens can fill out an electronic form on the Bureau's website or send an appeal, report, or message to the email addressити звернення, заяву або повідомлення на електронну адресу