The NABU launched a free hotline for citizens

01.02.2016 13:58
On 1 February a free NABU phone hotline for citizens (0-800-503-200) was launched in test mode with a view to ensuring closer collaboration with public. 
People can call this number and leave information (proposals, commentaries, allegations, complaints), file requests to access public information, receive information on the NABU activities, ask for the public office working hours and report corruption-related offences.
The citizens' allegations received by the NABU employee over the phone will be properly registered and submitted to competent departments for consideration.
The hotline is available from 9 am. to 6 pm. on weekdays. Calls are free of charge from all landlines and mobiles. Another landline number for citizens, Kyiv local number (044) 246-34-11, is also available.
The test mode will continue for several weeks in order to evaluate the workload and develop effective interaction mechanisms both with citizens and between the NABU employees. As of today the number is single-channel, but when the test period is over there will be a multi-channel hotline for 10 lines.