The NABU opens offices in Lviv and Odesa

11.12.2015 19:35
First territorial administrations of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine will be opened in Lviv and Odessa. Artem Sytnyk, the NABU Director, signed the order on 10 December. 
According to him, Lviv, Odessa and later Dnipropetrovsk local offices will enable the Bureau's detectives to work productively on all the territory of Ukraine. “Basically local offices are intended to represent the NABU in the region. Its employees will communicate with citizens and work closely with detectives units. Detectives will be sent to regional offices if necessary. These offices will serve as headquarters on the ground,” - said Artem Sytnyk. He pointed out that competition for position of local office director would start the following week. 
“I announced creation of first territorial administrations of the NABU in early autumn. However we did not have the possibility to investigate first criminal offences until December when the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor was appointed and the Specialised Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office was launched,” - explained the Bureau's director.
Artem Sytnyk also said that every territorial administration was supposed to have 12 employees, however the number may change should it become necessary. At the moment the search for suitable office premises for the NABU territorial administrations continues. 
It should be reminded that according to the law “On the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine” the NABU Director has the right to establish no more than 7 territorial administrations.