The NABU presented report for the early months of work

14.08.2015 02:00

The National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine presented a report on its activities for previous months, as required by law.

The NABU Director Artem Sytnyk pointed out the following at the press conference: “Even though the Bureau has not yet started performing its direct duties – investigating corruption-related crimes – I want it to be formed as an open and accountable to the public body from the very first day, and I want our work to be clear for everyone. Our bureau is the first government body presenting society with an open, dynamic and comprehensible report on its activities”.

Artem Sytnyk explained that over the first months the Bureau had a task of approving its structure and hiring a professional team through an open and transparent competition.

“Today the Bureau has 15 employees. I want to emphasize that we don't have a goal of recruiting staff no matter what. We are looking for the best people”, - said the NABU Director.

He also told journalists about the Bureau's close cooperation with foreign and international partners.

“The active assistance we receive from international community demonstrates that success of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine is considered a starting point for success of the whole state,” - claims Artem Sytnyk.

The NABU Director is determined to show concrete action and actual results of the Bureau's work as early as October 2015.