The NABU is ready to support the National Agency on Corruption Prevention launching – A. Sytnyk

15.03.2016 02:00
Verification of the officials' declarations is a complex organisational process, so it is crucial that the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) has all the necessary resources – said the NABU director Artem Sytnyk. 
Mr. Sytnyk stated the NABU's readiness to support the NAPC launching at the “Public sector transparency and integrity” strategic discussion conducted by the UNDP in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Danish Embassy in Ukraine. 
“We are willing to share our experience in setting up access to registers and databases used for verification and analysis of the officials' declarations,” - said the Bureau's director. 
He also explained the process of declaration verification by the NABU analysts: “We use registers to find persons included into the declaration, and persons, associated with a certain official (we use the State vital records registry for this). Then we check real estate property owned by the official, then vehicles, and then boarder crossing. After that the NABU analyst calculates the approximate value of property excluded from the declaration. The results of the registry verification of declarations may provide grounds for initiating criminal proceedings under the Criminal Code of Ukraine article 366-1 (including incorrect information in a declaration)”.
It should be reminded that on 15 March the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed the Law  on electronic declarations (the Act introducing amendments to various legislative acts of Ukraine relating submitting declarations on property, incomes, expenses and financial obligations by officials in 2016).