NABU, SAPO gain momentum: results of August 2022

15.09.2022 00:00

In August 2022, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor`s Office (SAPO) started 41 investigations, notified 7 persons of suspicion, referred 5 cases involving 14 persons to court. During the month, NABU and SAPO served suspicion notices to:

A number of investigations were completed. These are cases related to:

  • three persons involved in the embezzlement of over UAH 14 million during the construction of apartment buildings for border guards;
  • the head of a department at the Odesa regional council, suspected of abuse of power, which caused losses of more than UAH 75 million;
  • four persons suspected of causing UAH 14.8 million damage to the state.

During the last month of summer, the following cases were referred to the HACC:

In August, NABU and SAPO, in cooperation with the Kyiv City State Administration, prevented the illegal alienation of Obolonsky Island with an area of 147.7 thousand square meters, located next to the Natalka park, into private ownership.

From the first day of russia's full-scale invasion, NABU joined the fight against the occupiers. The Bureau staff was primarily involved in helping the Armed Forces, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, the SSU, and the Prosecutor General's Office. In August, a suspicion notice was issued against the so-called "head of the temporary administration of the city of Balaklia, the Kharkiv region", who helped the occupying authorities.

The personnel of NABU's Department of Special Operations, who have the skills of sappers, help demine the territory of the Kharkiv region. Another contribution to Ukraine's victory is made on the information front: NABU and Ukrainian National Center for Peacebuilding SE have joined forces for a prompt response to the facts of human rights violations during the armed aggression of the russian federation.

Traditionally, by August 10, NABU and SAPO report on the results of work for the last six months. The first half of 2022 passed under conditions of a struggle on two fronts: against top corruption and russian invaders. The economic effect brought by NABU and SAPO's work in the first half of the year makes UAH 1.5 billion, which is almost 80% higher than in the second half of 2021. However, after February 24, it was updated with one more component - assistance to the Ukrainian army.


NABU's 2022 first-half report


According to Article 62 of the Constitution of Ukraine, a person is considered non-guilty in the commission of a crime and cannot be subject to criminal punishment until he or she is found guilty by court.