NABU specialists have put in practice some knowledge gained during study visit to Finland

14.01.2016 16:00
13 of January feedback discussion between Artem Sytnyk, head of NABU and participants of the study visit together with representatives of Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine, Mika Aalto, in charge of anti-corruption component and Petro Pavlychenko, national anti-corruption expert. 
The essence of the meeting was to assess whether the study visit reached its desired outcomes. The overall aim of the study visit was to show a functioning Finnish model of how to effectively investigate complex crimes and how to trace and confiscate proceeds of crime. One of the key priorities was to establish cooperation between NABU and Finnish authorities such as Ministry of Justice, General Prosecutor Office and National Bureau of Investigation. 
Artem Sytnyk highlighted that study visit enhanced their vision of mechanisms that are requirements in order to achieve effective and efficient institution. "Some of the learned things have been put in practice in NABU as a practical outcome of the study visit. NABU is in process to establish own mechanisms based on good practices learned from international experience and from that perspective study visit to Finland was highly useful" - added Artem Sytnyk. 
Participants expressed that there are decisive elements that must be in place when it comes to carry out their duties effectively for example direct access to various sources of information and cooperation between authorities. Specifically for these reasons Finland performs in high level when it comes trace and confiscate proceeds of crime. In Finland the legal framework and procedures are well-developed and functioning without obstacles. There are more tools available for investigative authorities than in Ukraine. Therefore to promote changes for legal framework and careful consideration of procedures are our priorities in near future. 
Mika Aalto expressed his gratitude about the high level commitment that all participants have shown during study visit. "It was obvious that they wanted to learn and in particular some of the learned things have been put in practice in NABU. This tells me that product was good" - said Mika Aalto.