NABU statement regarding misleading information communicated by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine

20.09.2017 20:21

The statement of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, made during his briefing on September 20, 2017, on the illegal wiretapping of more than 150 people (including the Presidential bodyguards), which was supposedly done by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, is not true. 

The reasons of Mr. Lutsenko’s deliberate misleading of public are not clear. We can suppose it is an attempt to block the creation of independent Anti-Corruption Court and to discredit the National Bureau in front of the people of Ukraine and international partners.
We kindly remind the Prosecutor General that the NABU has no authority for autonomous wiretapping and the National Bureau conducts wiretapping on the basis of the Security Service of Ukraine only. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine should have known that it is simply impossible to wiretap a phone number on the basis of court order to wiretap another. 
The NABU hopes that the Security Service of Ukraine will brief Mr. Lutsenko on peculiarities of Ukrainian legislation that had been somehow missed by the Prosecutor General. We also stress that the very idea of Prosecutor General supposedly having evidence of abuse of authority, done by a law enforcement body, and not preventing it, is simply shocking. Such thing can be qualified as official crime. It is clear for any person with a degree in law. 
The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine one more time calls on the Head of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to check any information before making it public.