NABU will appeal the KDAC decision, which legalizes full control over the work of the institution

27.10.2020 00:00

The decision of the Kyiv District Administrative Court on the activities of the National Bureau and the NABU Director is biased and meaningless in a legal sense. Its real goal is to block the work of NABU, which exposed the judges of the KDAC for large-scale abuses and an attempt to seize power.

On October 26, 2020, the KDAC made a decision, which among other things, obliges the Ukrainian government to appoint a Minister to coordinate the NABU activities; provides instructions to the National Security and Defence Council to take control of the NABU activities; contains a number of other instructions also addressed to the Deputy Directors of NABU.

The National Bureau considers the KDAC decision as interference in its work and will certainly appeal against it.

In fact, it is about an attempt to remove from office the NABU Director as a guarantor of institutional independence and the organization's ability to investigate top-corruption, as well as to turn NABU into a manageable structure. The consequence of such actions will be the complete blocking of investigations of corruption abuses in Ukraine.

We emphasize that the dismissal of the NABU Director can only take place on the grounds provided for by the Law "On NABU". Now there are no such grounds. Therefore, Artem Sytnyk continues to fulfil his powers, and NABU is working as usual. Any of the KDAC attempts to find workarounds for judges, suspected of seizing power, to realize their ambitions just destroy confidence in the judiciary and fair trial.