The NABU will use Finland's experience in their own investigations

16.01.2016 14:29
The National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine will put into action Finland's experience in intelligence information collection, tracing proceeds of corruption, seizing and confiscating illicit proceeds etc. The Bureau's detectives and analysts studied this experience during their study visit to Finland in December 2015. 
“Finland's citizens do not usually face the problem of corruption. This can be achieved mainly by outstanding legal culture, society's and public authorities' openness, efficient work of law enforcement agencies. The experience of our Finnish colleagues can be very useful for us, therefore I hope for our productive cooperation in the future,” - emphasized Artem Sytnyk, the NABU's Director. 
According to the Information Processing and Analysis Department's Head Rodzhami Dzhan, during their visit it was very interesting to learn about Finnish legislation, especially about the acts allowing the country's law enforcement bodies to receive information from databases of public authorities and banking institutions.
“An interesting thing we noticed about our colleagues' work: at the stage of information examining and verification, when law enforcement agency, according to the law, requests information from a banking institution without a court decision, the information is provided willingly , - said Mr Dzhan. - Another important point is the power to involve the so called executive service in the investigation – a service that evaluates the suspect's assets and makes arrangements to freeze them, also making the movable and immovable property ownership transfer impossible”.
When studying the activities of the Finnish law enforcement agencies, the NABU representatives learned about the arrangements for criminal actions against legal entities: defining justifications, legal form and ways of implementing such actions. 
In return Mika Aalto, the chief expert on combating corruption of the EU Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine project, thanked the Bureau's representatives for their sincere interest in Finland's corruption fighting law enforcement bodies.
“We tried to provide information the Bureau would need in their everyday job. I was pleased to know that during the visit Ukrainian and Finish experts had exchanged contact information and therefore would be able to address each other on professional matters directly – by telephone or e-mail. I am sure that this cooperation will prove fruitful for both countries,” - said M. Aalto.