The NATO countries are ready to help the NABU's special forces unit – Sytnyk

30.10.2015 18:13
The NATO countries will help provide the NABU Special Operations Department employees with training and equipment. This was announced by the NABU Director Artem Sytnyk after the NATO-Ukraine Commission session in Brussels.
“The NATO countries acknowledged the principles of transparency in the NABU forming process and are willing to help us. For instance, given the field of activities of the Alliance, we discussed the possibility of training for the Special Operations Department employees responsible for apprehending suspects, protecting parties to proceedings and Bureau's workers,” - he noted.
The NABU Director also said that the countries of the Alliance can help the “special forces unit” with equipment: “We talked about uniforms, body armour and helmets. Our request was well received, and we hope it will be granted.
In turn Artem Sytnyk emphasised that he highly appreciates the intention to help the NABU in strengthening its resources demonstrated by the countries of the Alliance.
It should be reminded that Artem Sytnyk participated in the NATO-Ukraine Commission session on current state and perspectives of the Building Integrity Initiative, increasing transparency and reducing the risk of corruption in the defence and security sectors in Brussels.