Over UAH 1.65 mln returned, UAH 4 mln saved due to NABU investigation on illegal compensation to the Members of Parliament

22.04.2020 00:00

Over UAH 1.65 mln of the compensation received unreasonably for rental housing or hotel rooms in Kyiv was returned by the Members of Parliament of the VIII convocation after the Detectives of the National Bureau had begun their investigation in October 2018. In addition, a number of the MPs revised their need for compensation and abandoned it. As a result, taking into account the size of the monthly compensation payment, during December 2018 — January 2019, the Office of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine saved about UAH 4 mln.

Within the proceeding, the investigation checks the facts of receiving about UAH 11 mln by several dozens of former MPs. The NABU Detectives revealed that each of them, based on the submitted applications to the Office of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, illegally received from UAH 30 thousand to UAH 1 mln for the house rent. However, they actually owned real estate in the capital or near it (up to 30 km from Kyiv city borders).

In December 2019 — March 2020, NABU and SAPO brought to liability five Members of Parliament of the VIII convocation for illegally receiving compensation in the amount of more than UAH 2.6 mln. The investigation was completed as of four of them, and three suspects had already refunded illegally received UAH 1.5 mln, without court verdict.

Three more MPs admitted that they received compensation “by mistake” and voluntarily returned UAH 160 thous.

In addition, NABU has taken preventive measures. In a letter to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Director of the National Bureau outlined the circumstances of the illegal receiving compensation for housing by the Members of Parliament, and requested to eliminate the deficiencies conducive to crimes. As a result, the procedure for providing compensation was changed. Now, to receive compensation, parliamentarians must submit not only applications, but also rental agreements and originals of documents on payment for their use, as well as confirm the absence of housing in the capital and suburbs of Kyiv city.

In total, about UAH 600 mln were returned within criminal proceedings of the National Bureau at the stage of pre-trial investigation. Almost UAH 39 mln were returned in the second half of 2019. More information about the results of the NABU activities you can found in the Report.