Positive effects of the NABU’s reached 3 billion UAH

13.02.2018 00:00

For the last 2 years, since detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) started pre-trial investigations, 253.3 million UAH were refunded to the State budget, embezzlement of about 2 billion UAH was prevented. Over 674 million UAH are in the process of confiscation.

In 2017, owing to the work of the NABU detectives 177.4 million UAH were refunded to the State budget, including 103.9 million UAH in the second half of the year.

In total NABU provided for repayment of more than 253 million UAH – part of the sum was returned to the accounts of the State Enterprises, another part – confiscated based on court decisions. For example, 51.7 million UAH was refunded to the accounts of PJSC "Ukrnafta" due to the NABU efforts in 2017.

As far as positive economic effect of the NABU's activities is concerned, one should also take into consideration the prevented crimes. In particular, the NABU Detectives have saved more than 2 billion UAH for the State since December 2015, when they began its first pre-trial investigations.

Also the Bureau activities are related to the elimination of the conditions for committing crimes, including the litigation in commercial courts. As of the end of 2017, the NABU Legal Department filed 35 lawsuits on the invalidation of illegal agreements for a total amount of more than 6 billion UAH. 28 lawsuits were satisfied, with final decisions in 13 cases. As a result, more than 130 million UAH were refunded the State. The largest amount of confiscation by court decision is 712.4 million UAH. It is based on the court decisions on invalidation of 13 agreements on the assignment/ transfer of the debt for electricity from the state to the private company. 38 million UAH are already refunded. Execution of other court decisions will secure the confiscation of 674.4 million UAH.

Should the court sentence persons already indicted by the NABU and SAPO, it will provide grounds for refunding of 400 million UAH and a lot of arrested property to the State budget.