Rebuff to aggressor: NABU's contribution in 2022 first half-year

11.08.2022 00:00

From the first day of russia's full-scale invasion, NABU did not stand aside but joined the fight against the occupier. Bureau personnel primarily focused on helping the Armed Forces, the Defense Intelligence, the Security Service, and the Prosecutor General's Office.

Further on, the National Bureau took all measures to maintain an effective fight against corruption: not a single criminal case was lost, while a number of frauds and corruption schemes were exposed already after the invasion.

Documenting war crimes became one of the new directions of NABU's work. The overall outcome of efforts taken by the Bureau's staff comprises opening more than 10 cases of torture, abuse, and murder of civilians in the Kyiv region, almost UAH 500 million transferred in support of the Armed Forces, more than 35 confirmed facts of annihilation of the enemy manpower and hardware, more than 50 people detained and handed over to the SSU, more than 12,000 messages shared with the military, the removal of the Ukrainian military from the threat of shelling.

Special attention has been paid to delving into the assets of russian elites. NABU joined the interagency Task Force project to identify assets of russian politicians and businessmen backing russian aggression. The Detectives sent more than 200 requests to the competent authorities of other states regarding the assets of russian senators, traced signs of the assets owned by more than 30 senators in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the USA, Great Britain, Cyprus, etc., and initiated the seizure of the property of seven russian senators.

Part of the staff was involved in demining: they examined 250 hectares of land, 47 km of roads and roadsides, more than 40 residential buildings, and more than 5 educational and medical institutions. Some of the Bureau's employees have joined the ranks of the Armed Forces on their own initiative. One of the Detectives was seriously injured, his condition being stable at the moment. The President of Ukraine awarded seven NABU employees for their significant contribution to countering the enemy with the Order of Courage of the Third Degree, the Irreproachable Service Medal, the Defender of the Motherland Medal, and the Order of Danylo Halytsky.

Despite all the existing challenges, NABU continues to work on two fronts: fighting corruption and giving a fitting rebuff to the aggressor.

The fight goes on!

Glory to Ukraine!