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16.04.2021 00:00

Ex-National Police officer exposed receiving almost UAH 1 million of improper advantage

On April 15, 2021, the Detectives of the National Bureau jointly with the Internal Security Department of the National Police under the procedural guidance of SAPO served the former Head of the Explosives Department of the National Police with a notice of suspicion of receiving 980 thousand UAH (Part 4 Article 368, Part 1 Article 209 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). The notice of suspicion was also served to an accomplice in the crime - a private entrepreneur, whose actions fall under Part 3 Article 369 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (giving an improper advantage to an official).

15.04.2021 00:00

NABU and British Government step up cooperation in combating corruption in Ukraine

"The G7 is still highly interested in the fight against corruption in Ukraine. We closely monitor the latest developments around the National Bureau and other anti-corruption bodies in Ukraine," said Melinda Simmons, the British Ambassador to Ukraine, during a visit to the National Bureau. It should be noted that the UK currently holds the G7 Precedency.

13.04.2021 00:00

Uzbek colleagues to adopt NABU’s and NACP’s anti-corruption experience

The representatives of Uzbek anti-corruption institutions highly appreciate Ukraine’s positive experience and are interested in cooperation and exchange of knowledge on how to protect whistleblowers, consider corruption reports and monitor the implementation of the anti-corruption strategy. During the online meeting on April 13, 2021, the heads of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and the National Agency on Corruption Prevention discussed the areas for future cooperation and agreed to sign a trilateral memorandum.

12.04.2021 00:00

"Okhmatdyt Hospital" case: investigation completed

The Detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) under the procedural guidance of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor`s Office (SAPO) have completed a pre-trial investigation into the scheme resulting in the loss of UAH 30 million by the State. Those funds were allocated for the construction of a new building of the National Children's Specialized Hospital “Okhmatdyt”. On April 9 2021, two suspects and their defence were granted access to the case materials.

07.04.2021 00:00

Two lawyers exposed taking USD 100 thousand to help get "proper" decision from KDAC

On April 7, 2021, notices of suspicion were served to two lawyers who had been exposed the day before receiving an improper advantage in the amount of USD 100 thousand for its further transfer to judges of the Kyiv District Administrative Court. Their actions fall under Part 4 Article 27, Part 3 Article 369 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

06.04.2021 00:00

"Krayan Plant" case: indictment against three persons sent to court

On April 6, 2021, an indictment against three persons involved in the Krayan Plant corruption scheme was sent to court. These persons are charged with embezzling UAH 92 million from the Odesa Сity budget during the purchase of buildings of HC Krayan OJSC. The actions of all these persons fall under Part 5 Article 191, Part 3 Article 209 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

02.04.2021 00:00

USD 5 mln bribe case sent to HACC after facing risk of being taken from NABU

The NABU Detectives and the SAPO Prosecutors have filed an indictment to the High Anti-Corruption Court regarding persons who attempted to offer USD 5 mln in bribe to the Heads of anti-corruption agencies to ensure the closure of criminal proceedings involving the former Ecology Minister under President Yanukovych (suspected of the seizure of stabilization loan funds provided to Real Bank PJSC).

01.04.2021 00:00

"Gas scheme" case: indictment regarding private company ex-Head sent to court

On April 1, 2021, SAPO Prosecutors and NABU Detectives referred an indictment in relation to the former Head of two private companies involved in a corruption scheme that helped embezzle public funds during the extraction and sale of natural gas under joint venture agreements with Ukrgazvydobuvannia PJSC. This is one of the several indictments already filed within the so-called "gas scheme" case.