Students of the NABU Anti-Corruption Online School create own projects to fight corruption

26.08.2020 00:00

Comics, an ironic blog, an anti-corruption platform and an anti-corruption student support service will create zero tolerance for corruption. More than fifty graduates of the National Bureau's First Anti-Corruption Online School support the idea.

During the week, they learned about the specifics of the work of anti-corruption bodies, pre-trial investigation and court trial of top-corruption cases, discussed the role of the public in exposing corruption and the specifics of cooperation with whistlerblowers, and figured out regional features of the investigations and the implementation of anti-corruption projects.

“Anti-Corruption School is a project of the National Bureau to attract students and young professionals to the fight against corruption in Ukraine. We believe that our youth will become a worthy replacement and will be imbued with anti-corruption activities, and every year there are more and more such young guys and girls”, the NABU Director Artem Sytnyk said.

Believing that fighting corruption begins with education, the online school participants created and presented to experts own ideas for raising awareness activities.

“The NABU school helped to find like-minded people and expand my own anti-corruption network. It was interesting and exciting, we improved our own skills and created a new project, on the practical implementation of which we are actively working on”, said the school participant Valentina.

Svitlana Olifira, the Head of the NABU External Communications Department, encouraged the school participants to use the gained knowledge, continue active social activities, participate in anti-corruption activities and create own ones.


The First Anti-Corruption Online School, organized by the National Bureau, took place on August 17-21, 2020. Among more than 350 applicants, 56 school participants were selected. They are students and young specialists from different regions of Ukraine. The events were held exclusively in online format. The representatives of NABU, SAPO, the HACC, the NACP and non-governmental organizations that are engaged in combating corruption, such as Transparency International Ukraine, NGO “SAM” and NGO “Batky SOS” (Parents against corruption at school), became the speakers of the Anti-Corruption School. Besides participating in discussions, the students also made practical tasks. They interpreted anti-corruption legal terms, checked e-declarations, determined the jurisdiction of criminal proceedings, and created anti-corruption projects.

The most active students of the Anti-Corruption School received an invitation to join the Youth Anti-Corruption Network in order to continue anti-corruption activities at universities and youth centres in regions of Ukraine.