A. Sytnyk: We are ready to fight corruption fiercely

15.09.2015 02:00
The first 25 of the NABU detectives took the civil servant oath of office today in the presence of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the Bureau's Director Artem Sytnyk.
In his welcome address the President thanked the NABU team that “worked around the clock on building a strong foundation for the Bureau and recruiting through open and transparent competition professional, patriotic and, I hope, very ambitious employees who serve today as a backbone of fighting corruption”.
The NABU Director, in turn, emphasised that the competition for detectives positions was the easiest among the challenges they will face in their work. “Today you enter public service. You have proved that you are worthy of acting as required by the Law. But I want to warn you: this is just a minor challenge on the path you have chosen. You are that first line of defence of the 242 detectives which will take the first blow. We are ready to fight corruption fiercely,” - assured Artem Sytnyk.
Photographs were provided by the Presidential Press Office