Titanium Institute ex-official sentenced to 10 years in prison

20.04.2022 00:00

On April 20, 2022, the HACC passed a verdict finding the former First Deputy Director General of the State Special Design Institute (SSDI) "Titanium Institute" guilty of causing USD 1.258 million damage to this institution.

This is the first verdict with a real punishment passed under martial law. Moreover, this was the first NABU and SAPO case sent to the HACC on the day of its launch.

As reported, in July 2019, NABU and SAPO detained the official and notified him of suspicion. During 2012-2013, the suspect, in collusion with other persons, secured the transfer of USD 1.258 million to a foreign company (British Virgin Islands) for works and services, which, according to the investigation, had never been provided to the institution.


According to Article 62 of the Constitution of Ukraine, a person is considered non-guilty in the commission of a crime and cannot be subject to criminal punishment until he or she is found guilty by court.