UAH 1.5 billion of economic effect from NABU, SAPO work in 2022 first half-year: army support, reimbursements, confiscations

15.08.2022 00:00

The economic effect is one of the main indicators by which the effectiveness of the work of the National Bureau can be evaluated. While prior to the full-scale aggression of the russian federation it could be measured mostly in terms of funds reimbursed or confiscated to state revenue, after February 24 another equally important aspect emerged - aid to the Ukrainian army.

Thanks to NABU and SAPO in April-June 2022 the Armed Forces received almost UAH 340 million. These funds, meant as undue advantage in NABU investigations and seized by the High Anti-Corruption Court, were directed through a legal mechanism for the needs of the Ukrainian military. This amount includes the largest bribe in the history of NABU, USD 5 million, which was meant for the leadership of anti-corruption agencies for closing criminal proceedings against the former Minister of Ecology.

The army also received more than 22.25 thousand items of various equipment, seized within the investigation of corruption abuses at the customs, worth more than UAH 90 million.

Another way to support the Armed Forces was the transfer of funds posted as bail in NABU cases. Starting from March 2022, UAH 120 million was transferred to the military at the initiative of suspects and defendants.

As for reimbursements in criminal proceedings, the largest sums, as in previous periods, were repaid at the pre-trial stage. Thus, more than UAH 731 million was returned by state-owned Ukrnafta PJSC to private companies; almost UAH 13 million was received by state-owned Zaporizhzhiaoblenergo PJSC as debt repayment for supplied electricity.

The confiscation of corrupt assets is gaining momentum. During the first half of 2022, sentences against 21 persons took effect providing for the forfeiture of assets worth more than UAH 25 million, which is the largest figure since the HACC started its work.

Overall, the economic effect of the NABU and SAPO work in the first half of the year made UAH 1.5 billion, which is almost 80 percent more compared to the second half of 2021. This amount also includes the value of assets, whose misappropriation was prevented by NABU.

Finally, the use of NABU files by other agencies is bearing fruit. In the second half of 2021, they helped to expose collusion in the actions of software supplier companies in public procurement. They were fined by the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine and paid UAH 77.2 million in April.