Principles of work

Key objective

The National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine is a state law enforcement agency with the key objective of preventing, exposing, stopping, investigating and solving corruption-related offences committed by high officials, and averting new ones. 

NABU personnel policy principles

Equal opportunities: any citizen of Ukraine can participate in the competition given that he or she meets the requirements set for the candidates.

Openness and transparency: the competition is conducted openly, the public is informed about vacancies, candidate specifications, procedure, stages and time frame of the competition, principles and conditions of candidate selection, progress in the competition process and its results through the National Bureau's official website.

Objectivity of evaluation: multiple stages of the competitive selection process create conditions for objective evaluation of the applicants' eligibility with regard to their personal, business and moral qualities, level of proficiency and training, ability to efficiently perform duties of the National Bureau employees.

Our values

Integrity: the ability to act in accordance to common social, ethical and professional standards, the ability to resist the outside pressure.

Courage: the ability to take risks for the sake of completing the Bureau's missions specified by the law. 

Determination: making timely and effective decisions and avoiding unjustified delays in their implementation.

Commitment: readiness to move forward, demonstrating pursuit of professional growth and self-perfection in realization of the established goals. 

When choosing to work at the NABU, you choose to work on cleansing government of corruption using just and legal ways and thus contributing to building civil society in Ukraine and turning it into a state with a better quality of life.

We are looking for employees with adequate personal, business and moral qualities, proficiency and training level and the ability to efficiently perform their job duties.

Candidates are appointed to positions in the National Bureau only according to the open competition results and upon passing qualification examination (testing) and interview. 

Qualification examination (testing) includes legislation test, psychological test, general skills test and extra physical training test for executives.

If you wish to participate in the competition for positions in the NABU, please see the list of vacancies.