Anti-corruption agencies urge President to veto changes to e-declaration law - common statement by NABU and NACP

Bill №4651 passed today by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and allegedly intended to renew imprisonment for false assets declaration, not only complicates the prosecution of officials, but also lets them completly ignore it.


The novelties stipulate that declarants can avoid declaring the property of their relatives, even if they know it exists. According to the amendments, the property of family members is declared only if "a family member has provided information about such assets to the declarant". At the same time, the bill does not provide for imprisonment for intentional failure to submit a declaration, which the President insisted on.


Therefore, the National Agency on Corruption Prevention and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine call on the President to veto the bill, as this document distorts the idea of ​​e-declaration as a tool of accountability to society and provides an indulgence of impunity for abusing the abovementioned option.


By introducing e-declaration, Ukraine has followed the best practices of developed western countries, where the assets declaration is an element of political culture and a demonstration of respect for citizens. The effectiveness of this instrument is determined by the degree of responsibility for its violation, and the bill aims to nullify it.