A. Sytnyk: Individuals from the PR “Black accountancy” list are partially identified, interrogations are in progress

 «The materials of so-called Party of Regions “Black accountancy” are digitized, graphologic examination is in progress,» the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine Director Artem Sytyk stated at the Channel 5.


He added that currently the digital register was made on the basis of these criminal proceeding materials. 


“Inpiduals from the abovementioned lists, provided by V. Trepak and S. Leshenko, are partially identified; interrogations are in progress. We work on the rest of the list,” A. Sytnyk said.


The Bureau Director also said that the collecting of experimental samples of handwriting of the inpiduals, mentioned in the list, along with graphologic examination are still in progress; the exact expenditures, signed by inpiduals, are also being determined. At the same time A.Sytnyk stressed that no person, previously stating the fact that his/her altered signatures were forged in the abovementioned list, has come to the NABU to provide their handwriting samples voluntarily.


“Even those who were shouting from the parlamental tribune that their last names in the list were falsified, never came to prove it,” the Bureau Director pointed out.


It should be reminded that on May 30 the NABU started investigation upon the claim of Victor Trepak. The record was registered in the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigation by the Bureau detectives on the preliminary legal qualification under Part 4 of Article 369 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (offer, commitment or giving improper advantage to an official). Previously, A. Sytnyk urged everyone who claims that his/her altered signatures were forged in so called Party of Regions “Black accountancy” to come to the NABU and to give the detectives experimental samples of their handwriting. 


Photo credit: lbc.com.ua