The second suspect of “Kyoto money” embezzlement taken into custody in the ATO zone

On Wednesday, June 1, the NABU detectives took into custody the second suspect of 480 million UAH attempted embezzlement in Starobilsk city of the Luhansk region. In accordance with Kyoto protocol the state of Ukraine was the recipient of the abovementioned money.

The pre-trial investigation showed that the detainee upon prior conspiracy with the secretary of the state enterprise “Ukrainian ecological investments” (taken into custody on May 18) using an assumed name had created a controlled group of fake business entities chaired by figureheads. Consequently, he was trying to create fictitious competitiveness to ensure the victory of fake business entities while carrying out public procurement procedures for the reconstruction of lighting networks in the amount of 480 million UAH.


When the case gained publicity, the detainee, who had been living in Kyiv, left for the Luhansk region where his parents lived. He broke off with his companions, changed his contact numbers and took other measures to avoid criminal responsibility. As a result of investigation his whereabouts were identified. During the search of his house, the detectives found material evidence which, accounting for the previously found evidence, denoted detainee`s implication in crime. 


Upon detectives’  request accorded with the deputy head of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor`s Office (SAPO)  a preventive measure in a form of detention with 3,625 million UAH alternative bail was chosen for the detainee.


The pre-trial investigation is in progress.