Onyhchenko gas case: General Prosecutor signed the notice of suspicion

On June 27 the General Prosecutor of Ukraine sighed the notice of suspicion against the Deputy of Ukraine Oleksandr Onishchenko who is considered to be the organizer of the corruption scheme of large scale state funds embezzlement while gas production and realization jointly with the PJSC “Ukrgasvydobuvannia”.

Under his immunity, Onishchenko has left Ukraine just before Verkhovna Rada restricted his immunity and allowed his arrest.

The signed notice of suspicion allows the NABU and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor`s Office (SAPO) to put Onishchenko on the international wanted list and to file a petition for his assets’ arrest.

If Onishchenko is to hide from investigation, the NABU and the SAPO will request from the court the special pre-trial investigation upon the absence of the charged (Article .297¹ of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine).

As of now, the pre-trial investigation of “Onischenko gas scheme” is in progress. The NABU detectives also arrested 10 apartments, 9 houses, 10 land spots, 39 bank accounts, 11 cars owned by suspects of this criminal proceeding. In total the arrested property accounts for 315 million UAH.

It should be reminded that the NABU in cooperation with the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor`s Office (SAPO) have exposed the organizers of the public funds embezzlement scheme (gas production and realization jointly with the PJSC “Ukrgasvydobuvannia”). As a result, the state has suffered losses of nearly 3 billion UAH. Ten previously detained inpiduals, suspected of involvement in this scheme, were chosen a preventive measure in a form of being taken into custody for 60 days. The total amount of the alternative bail is more than 1 billion UAH.