NABU fosters anti-corruption awareness raising tools

More than 700 future detectives and investigators raised their knowledge of criminal anti-corruption justice through the Detective Studies project implemented by the National Bureau jointly with the Faculty of Investigation and Detective Activities of the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.

Despite the long-term lack of electricity and problems with both mobile and Internet connection, eight webinars were held in November-December. NABU detectives made efforts to ensure that future criminal justice professionals prepare for the fight on the anti-corruption front as best as possible.

“NABU was the first to start work among other anti-corruption agencies. We have gained unique experience in the pre-trial investigation of top corruption cases and want to share it primarily with young lawyers. I believe that such initiatives are our contribution to the formation of a professional legal community of those "vaccinated from corruption",” noted detective Victor, one of the speakers of the project.

Thus, as part of the Detective Studios project, future detectives and investigators got acquainted with:

  • criminal-legal characteristics of illegal enrichment based on the cases investigated by the National Bureau;
  • requirements for preparation, and planning of searches in top corruption cases;
  • an innovative method of interrogation — investigative interview;
  • the practice of applying preventive measures;
  • prospects for the implementation of pre-trial investigation eCase Management System;
  •  types of secret investigative (search) actions, as well as documents necessary for their implementation;
  • methods of international cooperation used in top-corruption probes;
  • grounds and cases of applying special confiscation as part of a judicial seizure of property.

This is the second time the National Bureau has tested this format to raise awareness of the youth on anti-corruption infrastructure and pre-trial investigation in top-corruption cases. The Detective Stories project, implemented jointly with the Online Law School, was a pilot project. Almost 1,600 people took part in 11 live webinars and more than 11,000 people watched the recorded webinars on the YouTube channels of NABU and OLS.